Can I make my golf cart street ready?

Yes, vehicles can be made street legal. Check with your state, county, city regarding the laws in your area.

Which is better, an electric or gasoline powered golf cart?

Either one will do the job. They can both function on the golf course and travel the streets. Electric Carts are quiet with no exhaust fumes and are more efficient. Solar Powered Electric Golf Carts will have a longer distance range than Electric Carts. Also the batteries in a Solar Cart will last longer due to the fact that they are actively charging when they are in the sun. Active charging reduces sulfur content of the lead cells in batteries, the #1 cause of battery failure.

Are there any restrictions of golf carts when traveling on the public roads?

Yes, the maximum speed limit for a golf cart in the state of Arizona is 25 MPH. Golf Carts are not permitted to travel on streets or roads where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or more.

Do I need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart on the streets?

Yes, when traveling on public roads or streets in the state of Arizona, a golf cart, like an automobile, require a driver’s license. Also the cart must be registered and have liability insurance.

How does the Solar Tax Credit work?

As of January 1, 2006 an investment tax credit for utilizing solar power went into effect. IRS form 3468 line 2 b allows for a 30% tax credit for investing in solar power. The solar panel and the batteries are all part of the solar system. The retail value for the solar panel is $ 2,700.00 and over $600.00 for the batteries, which equals $3,300.00.Therefore, the tax credit for the Sunray Solar vehicle is approximately $990.00. Other tax credits may apply. Check with your state, city, county regarding the laws in your area